Culinary indulgence on your Winter Holiday

Sumptuous Hotel Sportalm in the Zauchensee ski paradise

Holidays are also the perfect time to tickle your palate – that’s why every day we treat our guests to a very special gourmet feast. Starting off with our breakfast featuring local items, then the Sportalm light lunch (with distance the best) in the homey living room finished off by our 6-course gourmet menu in the evening. Rounding out this gourmet adventure is a carefully chosen and well-stocked wine list, with mainly Austrian wines.

We will pamper you with fresh, diverse, varied, regional delicacies lovingly prepared by our kitchen staff, headed by Manfred Oberndorfer. And our dedicated serving staff will take care of you in style so that your holiday with us at the sumptuous Hotel Sportalm will leave nothing to be desired.

Sportalm light lunches and afternoon snacks

Not far from the slopes in the ski paradise of Zauchensee, our hotel kitchen will serve up an à la carte lunch for you at noon that will tickle your palate. The Sportalm light lunch will even woo you away from the ski slopes. The menu is limited but changes daily and features fresh, lighter luncheon dishes. All the more reason to take a break for lunch at the Sportalm.

Every day from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. we invite you into our cosy ‘living room’ for an après-ski snack. You can choose from more hearty fare or sweets to go with your coffee, and now and then have some crisp vegetables. We are not kidding when we say there is something for every taste.

Gourmet menu for connoisseurs

The evening is when things really get interesting. After the salad buffet, we serve up our 6-course gourmet menu with many selections to choose from. Our  kitchen team will surprise you with health-conscious treats and pamper you with gourmet delights. Traditional down-to-earth dishes refined with a contemporary touch and combined with light fare will transform every meal into a true gustatory delight.

And after that our hotel bar will treat you to an elegant ambience that is the perfect setting for gradually winding down your evening in style. This is where our guests can get together with each other to meet each other and chat, and of course Dolschek family members are always on hand. Here we can say ‘Pfiat Gott’, or bye now, to everyday cares and make stimulating conversation or tell interesting stories or regale each other with amusing holiday happenings. Together we can enjoy a good glass of wine from our own wine cellar, have a fruity cocktail or sip on a freshly poured glass of Goesser beer on tap.

Top quality and a wide selection to choose from will guarantee that our broad range of culinary delights and assortment of fine wines will leave nothing to the imagination. Especially since our friend and longtime collaborator, Damir Bijelic, continues to pay loving attention to our wine cellar. What is important for him is not only having famous varieties on the menu, but also indulging you with new discoveries and unusual treats. Our reliable Zsuzsa service team will suggest the perfect wine to accompany your menu choices and individual preferences.

Champagne and sun – a wonderful combination

Have a seat and treat yourself to a little luxury now and then. A glass of sparkling Prosecco will give you a short break and get your circulation going again. We will serve you a nip of sparkling wine or champagne.

At Hotel Sportalm in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, we offer very special and individual service every winter beginning in early March:

On our cosy hotel terrace you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy an appealing selection of wines, attentive service, good humour – and of course lots of sun! Let it all hang out and enjoy the sun’s beneficial rays. Have fun at the Ski Amadé on your very special skiing holiday in Zauchensee.