Retreat Zauchensee

We are lucky, we are spoiled. Every year, after a wonderful, busy winter season in ski amadé with you, dear guests, we can now enjoy our home village Zauchensee also in the

Much silence, many thoughts
Breathing in and out

resting period. While until a view weeks ago, we were skiing with you on the awesome slopes of the Salzburger Sportwelt, we now hear by walking around the lake - nothing. Maybe the wind. While from outside the news are coming with high intensity even until here, we are breathing deeply. We are reflecting the great season with the friendliest team, the best guests, think or overthink our next projects to be done in the house and are simply grateful for each moment of the winter and life itself.

A brief interchange with friends and family on Whatsapp, phone, skype or what so ever, a spontaeous chat with a neighbour (at least we have roundabout 50 :-)) in necessesary distance for sure. We all are whitnessing the same things right now. By the way: Thank You so much for Your caring e-Mails, we are receiving these days. Your are simply the best! 

And we are regarding the situation as an attempt. An attempt for a change? Who knows? As an attempt in a new season - for sure. With good sport, gorgeous nature, wonderful culinary dinners, personal talks and much of individual recreation. For sure, oh yes, for sure with the required distance.

  • distance to your sorrows
  • distance to your stress
  • distance to your day-by-day life

So, let's enjoy this resting period, which feels like a slow and important breathing in and out! Take care and stay healthy!

We are looking forward seeing you!

Yours Roland Dolschek and team (#stayathome)