A different kind of gallery at Hotel Sportalm

‘Ein-Bildung’ (Imagination) Gallery

Curator Roland Dolschek has this to say about his creation:

I would consciously emphasise the openness of our hotel with the image of a ‘Wonderful World’. Therefore, the location of the exhibit – in a traditional pine-panelled room – is not accidental. It explains and amplifies the saying, ‘In the pine-panelled room (Austria), at home in the world’.
The world, and here the example is Africa, is a wonderful and colourful planet. Full of adventure, discovery and opportunities. Every human being is equally valuable, and all people deserve to have their own cosmos that will earn respect. To know one’s roots and to be open to the outside world is a tremendous source of enrichment and helps us to understand each other and accept each other better.

I am delighted to be able to open our gallery with this image, and I can assure you that every year in the future a different family member will curate this space, without any constraints on design or artistic requirements.

Title: Wonderful World!
Theme: Family from the Usambara National Park, Kenya
Gallery ID: 1-2017/18
Curator: Roland Dolschek