Sports and conversation at Sportalm

Plenty of time and space for relaxing conversation

After a beautiful day on the slopes, you can join other guest and share a fine glass of wine from our own wine cellar while you chat about a variety of topics in homey and relaxing surroundings.

At Hotel Sportalm in Zauchensee, we encourage our guests to get to know each other. A feeling of satisfying camaraderie can be a balm for the soul. We think that getting to know people and even making new friends should be part and parcel of your special holiday.  

Our Sportalm team has gone to great lengths to create a pleasant atmosphere with every new day. We hope that all of our guests can feel at home when they stay with us in Zauchensee.

Sportalm – SPORT and ALM

The hotel name ‘Sportalm’ is made up of two words that reflect the unique philosophy of our hotel perfectly.

Sport: at the ski resort Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, sports, play, of course an enormous role. The wide range of winter sports activities is unique, diverse and rich with activities. Accomplished sports personalities who are famous the world over hail from our region and have made it well-known.

Alm: this means ‘alpine meadow’ and hints at the sociability, enjoyment, and tranquillity that characterise our hotel. Here you will find a contemporary ambience perfectly tailored for relaxing, reading and spending some downtime chatting with friends.

Sports and conversation

at Sportalm


Your host at Hotel Sportalm will be Roland Dolschek. He would love to spend some time getting to know you at our hotel bar and chatting with about current events.
Our motto is: ‘Sport and talk at the Sportalm’. Which means we are always delighted to chat with our guests and get to know them. The Dolschek family and our entire team will be happy to chat with you anytime and give you some insights into our customs and culture, and especially to share with you some insider tips about how to handle the slopes with élan.

Most of our guests are interested in activities relating to sports as well as and excursions in and around the glorious scenery of the Salzburg region. And of course, we will be happy to keep you abreast of the latest events and happenings. And first and foremost, you can meet Daniela and Liesl, who are from the area, and Anke, who takes care of the front desk. They love spending their free time exploring the natural attractions in and around Zauchensee. They know more about the snow conditions and the ski slopes than anyone else.

We will always make an effort to provide you with around-the-clock personal service and comfortable surroundings so that you can spend a memorable and carefree holiday at Hotel Sportalm in Zauchensee – and enjoy every minute of your holiday!